Top 5 beard styles of 2016

well groomed beardKeeping a beard has become a trendy fashion today. There are many popular beard styles of black men who have always drawn inspiration from people who are not hesitant to push the boundaries. These unique styles help them to have an attractive personality. No matter which style you want to choose to complete your look, it is important to match it with your face shape and body to make sure that it looks good on you. Here are some of the unique choices to experiment with to see which one looks the best on you:


The designer stubble is also called the 5 o’clock shadow or barely there beard. We’ve seen celebrities like George Michael and Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House wear this style. It is a rugged style aimed to make a face less serious and a bit unkempt. This style has been popular since the 1980’s. According to fashion magazines this style gives men an extra ounce of sex appeal.


The professional beard requires attention and care as it grows. Make sure to shave the neck to create a defined line underneath the chin. The lines should be clearly defined and the hairs kept short. Stop midway towards the cheek and make sure that the connection between the beard and moustache is clearly defined. Some famous professional bear wearers include Ben Afleck and George Clooney.


Lots of men like to sport the full beard because a well groomed one says that you are a manly man and speaks highly of your virility. It is a classy choice and has been worn by many men since beards became in fashion. Even though it entails a lot of growth and lots of hair, it is still relatively easy to maintain.


The Captain Jack beard is a combination beard and moustache. This beard is a crowd pleaser not only because of its namesake but because it is a unique way to grow a beard. There is a moustache and a goatee like whiskers. This is a good style for those whose facial hair grows fast. Though it is stylish it requires a daily maintenance and grooming. The upside aside from being stylish is that it is easy to keep clean


The hipster beard is similar to the full beard except that it takes the beard to another level. It looks rougher than a full beard and requires lots of attention and maintenance. It is sometimes referred to as a neck beard due to its length. There are different ways to wear this beard. Others prefer to shave below the neck while others like to shave around the mouth. There are even those who sport handlebar moustaches.


The Van Dyke refers to a beard that is a combination of a goatee and a pointy moustache. The moustache is waxed to give it a pointy look. When done correctly, the Van Dyke looks very sophisticated and artsy. This beard needs daily grooming for maintenance.

Beards no matter what their length need some TLC. Apply beard oil to keep the skin under the beard moisturized. It also acts like a moisturizer that penetrates the hair follicles to keep them healthy and strong. Beard oil also keeps the hair hydrated which is very important in cold and windy environments.

Best look for you this winter

The best time to experiment with your look is in winters. Get your facial hair look down. You don’t get sweaty because of the hot weather and you are free to try new things. Glam up your wardrobe by including these top 3 2016 winter looks for men. For male fashion tips go to

In Winter, you need to adopt fashion which is warm but doesn’t tend to be bulky. Let’s talk about scarves first.

Buy a scarf with a bit of texture and color. This will make you look fresh. You can wear these type of scarves with coats that are of bland color like black or gray. Buy patterns that look fun and playful like check or stripes.

Men's Grey Parka JacketBuy a parka jacket. A good parka jacket is the best way to save you from the freezing cold weather. Parkas are available in variety of color, style and designs. Choose one which fits your wardrobe perfectly. A parka jacket can be worn anytime whether you decide to dress up or dress down. Initially, men’s parkas were only available in two colors- blue and green. But time has changed now. There are lots of colors to choose from. You can go for a traditional long parka or opt for an unconventional slimline parka.

Get a sexy leather jacket. If worn right, leather jackets can look really hot on any man. A leather jacket can’t be customized, hence pay attention to the fitting of your jacket when you go to purchase one. The fitting should be right.Try not to buy any other color except black, grey and brown. Make sure that the jacket is not too long and ends near the waist area.

Fashion is generally an individual thing. If you feel comfortable about it and can carry it well, then it’s the right pick for you. We have given you choices from which you can choose your thing and flaunt it in style.

Merkur Safety Razors – Easy and Convenient Tool For the Closest Shave

The Merkur safety razor is a double-edge razor with an affordable price point. If you are looking for as close a shave as possible, with the least amount of skin irritation, but you don’t quite want to make the switch to a traditional straight razor, then a Merkur may be the choice for you. For more brands and options of the best straight razors see

You will get an incredibly close shave, with only a small learning curve, as mastering a safety razor takes only a bit more care and concentration than using a cartridge razor; far less complicated than using a straight razor. Double-edges don’t require the honing and stropping that a traditional straight razor needs, either. You will just need to replace the used blades with new ones as they become dull. The variety of handle designs is sure to help you find a comfortable grip for a smooth shave with the least of the amount of skin irritation possible.

Merkur safety razor

Merkur also has several different accessories for you to choose from; giving you the ability to buy an all-in-one shaving set. A typical complete shaving set includes a shaving brush, double-edge safety razor, soap dish and a stand. These sets have a very polished, elegant appearance and will compliment any bathroom decor.

Merkur Safety Razors offer a two-part or three-part disassembly and, to avoid rusting and corrosion, they require regular cleaning. The Merkur safety razor double-edged blades can be purchased in boxes of 10 online at several popular retailers; I found them on for $4.09. For this price, you can purchase several packages of blades and keep them around for future use. Just be sure to store your extra blades somewhere dry. Do not attempt to clean used blades, and be sure to discard them after they become dull.

Depending on the coarseness of your beard and the sharpness you like in your blade, you can get 3-10 shaves per blade. There is a cost saving over most of your disposable razors that are only good for a few shaves. You will then have to throw out the entire razor or one pricey cartridge. You will want to keep one or two packs of double-edge blades around, so you don’t find yourself accidentally out. The rest of the supplies are standard: a shaving brush and a good, lathering shaving cream. Merkur also sells a shaving soap/cream that you should consider trying.

Once you’ve experienced the closeness of a safety razor shave and realize it is a fairly convenient and easy to use a tool, you will be hooked. Stropping a straight razor each morning takes a fair amount of time, along with the concentration to shave safely, and the time it takes actually to shave. A Merkur safety razor might be the in-between option you want, offering a close, smooth shave, with minimal skin irritation, and not taking quite the same time commitment as a traditional straight razor. You can look around online for the Merkur Safety Razor that best suits your shaving needs.